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Stretchy Textured Elastic Fidget Snakes (Pack of 6)

Stretchy Textured Elastic Fidget Snakes (Pack of 6)

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Assorted colours, elastic band/string, each string is a different colour and texture, helps with fidgeting and to refocus their attention. Wind it, bend it, twirl it, make a variety of shapes. Size: 28cm long. Adult and kids alike love to play with this enthralling fidget toy. This toy also has a great party favour, stocking stuffer, goody bag filler and just a treat. The uses are endless with this versatile toy! The stretchy string not only can play, but also can exercise. It can exercise our arm muscles, whether adults or children, are suitable for use. Pretty stretchy and moderate thickness when you are playing with it you don’t worry. You can stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze them in any shape – they bounce back to their original shape!

Warning: Do not wrap around neck or use to restrict blood flow. When the children play with this item, it should take place only under the supervision of adults.



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