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Sensory Rainbow Glitter Balls

Sensory Rainbow Glitter Balls

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A perfect resource for young children with fascinating sparkling stardust which swirls around the inside of the balls as they are moved. Ideal for boys and girls, captivating the imagination and improving concentration skills. 

Set of 7 in red, silver, gold, green, blue, pink & purple.

Supports the following areas of learning:


• Understanding the World - colour

• Personal Development - sensory

• Physical Development - hand-eye coordination

• Physical Development - motor skills

2017 PPS Gold Award Winner 

(Toys & Games 3-5 Years category)

What the PPS Award testers said:

"The children were able to carry them, even though they are quite heavy, so the physical development and building muscle strength was good. They rolled them to each other and the sensory elements and colours worked very well with an autistic child. They used them for different purposes, e.g. for 'treasure' and they loved watching the glitter move around inside the balls."


Size: 65mm dia.

Age: Suitable from 3 years.

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