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Chewigem Pencil Toppers & Covers - 2 Pack

Chewigem Pencil Toppers & Covers - 2 Pack

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Chewigem Pencil Toppers & Covers - 2 Pack - Chewable Sensory Aid for Autism, ADHD, SPD, Oral Motor or Anxiety Needs | Safe & Pencil Covers Sensory Chew Hidden Superpowers

These covers are so lightweight you won’t even know they are there.

We knew we wanted to provide pencil ‘toppers’ , chewing pencils and pens is such a common challenge in our community, but having consulted with occupational therapists and specialists we spotted a gap in the market. By their very nature pencil toppers add weight to the pencil. If they are going to be chewed then how thick they are becomes important, but not at the cost of causing writing fatigue or adversely affecting writing skills due to the extra weight. Some benefit from that extra weight, but many find it prohibitive.

Our pencil covers are not the strongest from a chewing perspective, but they do protect the teeth and the ingestion of led and wood splinters by acting as a cover over the pen or pencil

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