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Hyperfocus Card

Hyperfocus Card

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This hyperfocus card has a short explanation of the symptom, saying:

“I can become hyperfocused on one thing, meaning I won’t notice anything else: people talking to me, time passing, being hungry or thirsty etc.

It may mean I’m able to complete an important task. But it can also mean I spend too long doing something.

See the back of this card for information on when interrupting my hyperfocus may be helpful.

After being interrupted, it may take me a few minutes to adjust to what is going on around me.”

The back of this card has a white sticker for you to write specific information relating to how you are affected, and what may be helpful. It also has a clear sticker to seal it once written. Examples of things to write on the back include: Please get my attention if I haven’t moved for an hour/if I have told you I need to complete a specific task (e.g. college work), but am doing something completely different (e.g. watching stuff on youtube)/if it is dinner time. Get my attention by……. .

General information

This laminated, wipe clean, water resistant and durable, 110x80mm hyperfocus card, has a hole punched in the top left hand corner to allow attachment to a keyring.

Colours may vary slightly from colours shown on screen

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