Collection: Petit Boum

Petit Boum is an invitation to explore, to let the feelings fly and to learn. Because there’s no better way to learn than doing it by playing spontaneously and freely, at the kid’s own pace.

Every Petit Boum sensory bottle contains a universe of stimuli for kids all ages (from 3 months to 99 years old!). They boost imagination and creativity and awaken the inherent curiosity all kids have for what surrounds them.

Each of the Petit Boum sensory bottles is the result of our efforts to offer special, beautiful and stimulating toys to our little ones.

Therefore, we count on the advice of pediatricians and visual therapists together with the most strict safety approvals:

EN71 certificate, CE (European Community) certificate

Our bottles are BPA-, metal- and phalates free. The bottles do not break and are completely safe for the children to handle, even with the mouth.

The interior is sealed and has a second wooden plug, ideal for small hands and very pleasant to the touch